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Natasha is a composer based in the UK. In October 2019 she graduated from the University of Oxford, where she wrote incessantly for student films and plays which debuted around Oxford and the Edinburgh Fringe. This included a sell out run of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, as well as projects with Kotei Productions, Fairholme Films, and Orange Whisky Productions. 

Natasha is now based near London, and despite the pandemic has been busy writing for a number of projects including a musical with Glasgow-based Shock Horror Theatre, a number of Indie games, but most recently a highly successful tour of The Snow Queen: A Christmas Fairytale Ballet (Frankly Speaking Productions). The outdoor, covid-safe production toured the South East of England and Oxfordshire over the Christmas period, delighting audiences wherever it went. 

Natasha's music is noteworthy for its ability to complement the scene/piece for which it is written. She is comfortable scoring for numerous mediums and as well as being versed in a wide range of genres; from chiptunes to orchestral. Furthermore, in her music, she often employs compelling melody paired with a contemporary approach to harmony, creating music that is gripping and intriguing. 


In addition, Natasha is an accomplished pianist, mezzo-soprano and musical director. Most recently she having worked as an accompanist and assistant musical director for Blenheim Palace choir (the birthplace of Winston Churchill) as well as musical director for Moving On Theatre and the Green Templeton College Choir. 

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Natasha is a multi award-winning composer from London based in Los Angeles. Natasha is a two-time Pigott/BAFTA scholar, and her piece Riven has just won the 2023 BMI Composer Award (former winners include Phillip Glass and John Adams). Natasha has been writing music for media and the concert space since graduating from The University of Oxford in 2019, she has worked with prominent directors globally including Nicholas Finnegan (BAFTA/AFI) and Agnes Muljadi (protégé of Luca Guadagnio). Natasha has also been part of the music team on a number of projects for prolific clients such as Meta, Sony, and Netflix. Recently, her piece Americanah was selected as a contest winner for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and her piece The Spinning Wheel (co-composer Lina Harrison) was covered by CBS news for its insight into brain functions during sleep, in collaboration with neuroscientists at UCSF. She is also the winner of the Track 15 Film Scoring Contest and a Genelec Prize winner.

The music Natasha most likes to create is experimental and unique, she loves to work with hybrid soundscapes and aleatoric orchestrations. She is most passionate about using live musicians in her works and has collaborated with esteemed and brilliant musicians such as the cellist Suuvi (formerly Sophia Bacelar). She has just completed her masters degree in Technology and Applied Composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

In her free time, you can find Natasha playing the banjo! 

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